Inertia SRT TORQUE MAX camshaft (NON VVT)


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This is about as much cam as you can reasonably run in a stock piston 6.1 and specifically ground for max torque in a 6.1 application.It has a noticeable lope and is pretty close to the limit of which most tuners are consistently capable of tuning. To go bigger than this on stock pistons requires retarding the cam and negatively affects low and mid range power. Stock 6.1 springs and pushrods work well and are recommended and works well with stock retainers.

THE Ideal cam for a Jeep GCSRT8 6.1 for example. Will sounds great and be a monster off the line. Gains around 40-45 RWHP and RWTQ in a 6.1 motor. Not recommended for 5.7 motors.

An alternative to this cam is the Non VVT Spartan Plus in the 6.1 (or in the 5.7 for max power and torque and good sound), but this cam retains for famous SRT MAX Plus idle sound that’s a so well-known. Check out the tag #srtmaxpluscam for hundreds of videos on Instagram and Facebook.


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