Inertia Spartan Plus camshaft (NON VVT)


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This is the best all around stock displacement 5.7 cam we have and I suspect the best cam available. It’s got enough torque to haze the tires on a quad cab 2wd with 3.55 gears with headers, yet it pulls strong all the way up to 6500 RPM.   Best applications for this cam are all 08 and earlier 5.7 hemi cars with stock gears and converter.   In this application with headers you can expect 365-375 HP at the wheels (stock they make about 300-310 with headers)   It’s also a good choice for regular cab trucks with stock gears up to 4.10   2 or 4wd and quad cab 2wd trucks.   It will also work well as a smaller max torque 6.1 hemi cam.  With headers in a car you can expect around 65-70 HP gain at the wheels.  Springs and pushrods are required for this cam in 5.7 applications.  In a 5.7 this cam has a noticeable lope.

  • 214/222 Duration Camshaft

  • 0.566/0.556 lift, 112 LSA

  • Custom Tuning Required

  • Our Custom Forged Pushrods Required on the 5.7 motor (non eagle)


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