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UPR 6.4L Billet Oil Catch Can Z Bracket Jeep Grand Cherokee (11-Present) 5038-250

UPR 6.4L Billet Oil Catch Can Z Bracket Jeep Grand Cherokee (11-Present) 5038-250

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Brand New UPR Signature Series Catch Can System for your 6.4L equipped Challenger, Charger, 300, and Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles. This is a new design that moves the Catch Can over so it does not interfere with the coil cover on the passenger side to make a Exclusive Design to UPRproducts. This Catch Can was developed to out perform all the other 2 chamber catch cans with a patented internal diffuser system that forces the oil to be released into the catch can from a lower chamber then the fresh air can exit through the upper chamber. This is because all the traditional 2 chamber catch cans have two chambers side by side and with a screen that separates them. Side by Side chambers with a simple screen or honeycomb filter allow oil to be sucked right across and out the exit port of the catch can.
Most of the top brands out there are what is called 2 chamber pull through catch cans as they all allow as much oil to be pulled through them as they collect and this is why they can have such small oil capacities and be drained so infrequently. With the UPR Catch Can you have to check them every 500 miles to maintain the oil level. Wheres other catch cans usually say to check them every 2000 to 3000 miles and you should be fine. UPR takes pride in their products and always strives to deliver the best looking and performing products.
All UPR Catch Cans are machined from 6061 Billet Aluminum and use forged aluminum fittings along with Viton O-rings and the highest quality Braided Hoses on every model. We don't sell you a catch can and with all the rubber or plastic hoses and plastic fittings and then tell you to get the best you have to upgrade your hose and fittings. With UPR it all comes STANDARD at no extra cost!
You will see improved MPG and Improved Performance throughout the Entire RPM range 

Product Features
» Show Quality Finish
» 1/2" Black Forged Fittings
» Can measures 4.75" x 2.5"
» Easy 20-30 minute install
» Includes Z Mounting Bracket
» 1/2" Oil Resistant Hose included
» Prevents Oil from Entering Intake
» Improves Fuel Economy & Performance

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